UA Career Center makes big changes

By Kara Hemphill, Copy Editor
September 12, 2013
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The Career Center has recently restructured to better serve the students at The University of Akron in the coming semesters.

Most apparent of these changes is the center’s new location in Student Union Room 211. The new location is meant to make the services more accessible for students. The Career Center was previously located on the other side of campus on the third floor of Simmons Hall.

In addition to the move, the Career Center has added additional services dedicated to individual colleges within the university. This brings additional staff with expertise in specific fields to advise students as they move forward with their careers.

“This approach allows the center to better engage with students, faculty and alumni on a personal level,” said Christina Ross, the director of the Career Advantage Network.

Students will be able to meet with these staff members either in their college or in the new office in the Student Union, located near Union Market.

In addition to the focus on individual colleges, the center has increased walk-in hours, which will be staffed by trained student employees. Walk-in hours will now be available in the evening as well.

To get the most out of the Career Center, Ross suggests that students start exploring their options early. The Career Center provides services including career advising, resume critique and mock interviews to current students as well as alumni.

In addition, the Career Center posts open positions for student employment opportunities every day.

The services are intended to help students be prepared for the professional world and get a position in their field of interest.

“The staff truly cares about student success and is willing to do what is needed to provide exploratory experiences and assessments to help students find their area of interest earlier in their time on campus,” Ross said.

More information on the Career Center can be found at To make an advising appointment, call 330-972-7747.


2 Responses to “UA Career Center makes big changes”

  1. Anonymous on September 12th, 2013 3:26 pm

    Do they even have any staff left? Last I hear, Jim Tressel fired everyone.

  2. Anonymous on September 13th, 2013 10:06 am

    Yikes. The Buchtelite might want to dig a little deeper when reporting on the Career Center. You could start with Mrs. Ross, whose highest educational attainment is a Bachelor or Arts in Fashion Merchandising (available for viewing on her LinkedIn page). According to hiring policies, any director position at The University of Akron requires at least a Master’s degree with multiple years of experience. Somehow these required qualifications were overridden by the powers that be (aka Jim Tressel)and she obtained one of the highest positions in the university.

    You could also write about how she has fired more than half of the advisors in her department (most who had been working for UA for well over a decade), including a former dean that dedicated his life’s work to UA, and came out of retirement part time just so he could still be of help to students.

    Or to expand on the point about getting a job in a “field of interest.” Try learning about Mrs. Ross’ scoffing attitude towards students who do not wish to work in business or technical fields. After all, those industries are easily placed, and who cares about students’ happiness with their work when she can get placement numbers.

    This list could go on for a long time. There are many things to say about the Career Center and its director; but it is certainly not this glowing report.