Volleyball ready to take serve!

By Haley Gaines , Writer

On Friday and Saturday, the Zips women’s volleyball team opened their season on the road in the Indiana State Tournament where they will play Chicago State, Indiana State, and North Carolina A&T.

Coach Ron Arenz has positive feelings for the weekend because the “depth [of the team] is at its best since I’ve been here.” He mentioned each position has multiple players, which help hold up the team, especially through a weekend with multiple games.

When asked about starting the season on the road and with two games on the same day, Arenz responded by saying, “For us, we have been at it two times a day since the beginning of August. From a focus and concentration standpoint we should be okay.”

Arenz mentioned the team will “focus on our side no matter who’s on the other end.” The team wants to keep their focus during the weekend and start off the season on a positive note.

The team and coaches look forward to competing on the road while Arenz expects them to “handle the stress and pressure” well.



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