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2015-2016 The Buchtelite Staff

Zaina Salem


330-972-6184 Communication and Public Relations major

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Grant Morgan

Managing Editor

330-972-7362 Economics and Political Science major

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Israa Eddeb

Online/Social Media Editor

330-972-7362 Public Relations major

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Logan Lane

Copy Editor

330-972-7362 English major

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Katherine Nypaver

News Editor

330-972-7362 English major

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Sofia Syed

Arts & Life Editor

330-972-7362 Public Relations major

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Brittany Gregg

Opinion Editor

330-972-7362 Business and Organizational Communication major

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Spencer DeVeau

Sports Editor

330-972-7362 Communication major

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Ted Boyer

Page Designer

330-972-7458 Graphic Design major

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Ashlee Fields

Page Designer

330-972-7458 Business Marketing major

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Aisha Alqahtani

Page Designer

330-972-7458 Graphic Design major

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Janette Jeffries-Nealy

Video/Multimedia Editor

330-972-7458 Media Production major

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Kristina Aiad-Toss

Photo/Multimedia Editor

330-972-7458 Political Science major

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Adam Bernhard

Business Manager

330-972-5912 Accounting major

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Karlie Kowal

Advertising Sales Representative

330-972-6347 Marketing major

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Dana AlSunaid

Advertising Sales Representative

330-972-6852 International Business major

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Breanna Arnold

Advertising Sales Representative

330-972-6642 Psychology major

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Courtney Powell

Advertising Sales Representative

330-972-5896 Political Science major

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David Long

Advertising Sales Representative

330-972-5671 Public Relations major

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Distribution Manager


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Carly Heuer

Office Assistant

330-972-7919 Marketing Management major

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Kathryn Virgo

Office Assistant

330-972-7919 Undecided

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Roger Mezger

Adviser 330-972-5475

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