2014-2015 The Buchtelite Staff

Alicia Finch


Journalism major, minoring in English and American Sign Language   editor-in-chief@buchtelite.com 330-972-6184

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Zaina Salem

Managing Editor

Journalism major, Arabic minor   managing-editor@buchtelite.com 330-972-7362

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Brittany Gregg

Opinion Editor

Business and Organizational Communication/Public Relations major   opinion-editor@buchtelite.com 330-972-7362

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William Singer

News Editor

Communications major   news-editor@buchtelite.com 330-972-7362

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Grant Morgan

Arts & Life Editor

Economics and political science major   arts-editor@buchtelite.com 330-972-7362

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Forrest Dukes

Sports Editor

Communications major   sports-editor@buchtelite.com 330-972-7362

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Aubrey Barto

Video Editor

News/Media Production major   video-editor@buchtelite.com 330-972-7458

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Nicholas Summers

Copy Editor

Public Relations major   copy-editor1@buchtelite.com 330-972-7362

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Michael Schwartz

Page Designer

Graphic Design major   page-designer2@buchtelite.com 330-972-7458

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Theodore Boyer

Page Designer

Graphic Design major   page-designer3@buchtelite.com 330-972-7458

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Ashlee Fields

Page Designer

Business Marketing major   page-designer4@buchtelite.com 330-972-7458

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Andrew Krigline

Design Consultant

Graphic Design major   page-designer1@buchtelite.com 330-972-7458

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Dana AlSunaid

Advertising Sales Representative

International Business major   advertising5@buchtelite.com 330-972-6852

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Sage Weber

Advertising sales representative

Business major   advertising2@buchtelite.com 330-972-5896

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Morgan Sisley

Advertising Sales Representative

Nursing major   advertising6@buchtelite.com 330-972-6642

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Karlie Kowal

Advertising Sales Representative

Marketing major   advertising3@buchtelite.com 330-972-6347

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Mohit Mamidela

Advertising Sales Representative

Masters in Management (Information Systems) grad student advertising4@buchtelite.com 330-972-5671

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Jarett Hocter

Distribution Manager

Sociology/Criminology and Law Enforcement major distribution@buchtelite.com

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Carly Heuer

Office Assistant

Marketing Management major office-assistant2@buchtelite.com 330-972-7919

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Danielle Kanocz

Office Assistant

Early Childhood Education major office-assistant@buchtelite.com 330-972-7919

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