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Student Art League hosts Splatter Film Marathon

By Ellen Papp, Arts & Life Writer

In honor of Halloween, The University of Akron Student Art League hosted the Splatter Film Festival on Thursday, Oct. 30 in the Myers School of Art Auditorium.

The entertainment for the evening consisted of two low-budget films from the early 80’s: “Bad Taste” and “Brain Damage”.

“Bad Taste” is Peter Jackson’s first film and is about four paramilitary specialists who are fighting alien fast food owners, but the aliens are trying to use human flesh as their special ingredient in their combo meals.

“Brain Damage” features a parasite that controls it’s host and gives him unimaginable hallucinations. The host must supply the parasite with human brains in order to receive these visions.

The Student Art League supplied food and beverage throughout the Splatter Film Marathon.

This was the first film centered event planned by the current Student Art League. It appears to be a more informal, grotesque step to gather more appeal for film enthusiasts and filmmakers throughout the campus community.

Boaz Bair, the founder of the Splatter Film Festival, said “I will be helping to organize a local screening and critique for any students who have films they would like to submit or are simply interested in local filmmakers.”

The films provided a great atmosphere as Halloween approached and really got everyone at the film marathon ready for the holiday.

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