Debacle Concert comes to Akron's Lounge

By: Ian Schwarber

The Debacle Concert 2011 reunites Punk/New Age bands from 1970s, 80s in Akron

Two days of music from a historic Ohio music scene

Rising from the ashes of last year’s first reunion concert, The Debacle Concert 2011 is the second incarnation of a line-up featuring Punk, New Age and Rockabilly bands.

Hosted at the Lounge/Backstage Akron (formerly the Daily Double) this Friday and Saturday, this collection of bands is a history lesson in what was a sizzling music scene in the Akron and Kent areas in the late 1970s and 1980s.

“It’s a great event for the community,” Kent alumnus Gary Wymer said. “I mean the traditions for Akron that people often forget…It’s nice to know that people still take the time to remember the things that gave this area such character. The younger generation is certainly moving on, and it’s great to see them getting into the traditions that made those years around here so fun, and for such great causes. Live music adds so much to a community, and you don’t find that so much anymore.”

This year boasts a lineup even bigger than that of the first reunion in 2010: eighteen original bands from the era, two new hybrid bands (featuring members of two legendary bands of the period), and two brand new outfits, rounding out to nearly two dozen bands over two nights.

Having once been the sounds of underground clubs like The Bank, JB’s Down and Mother’s Junction, these bands have not been together in decades, but they are not just for the Gen X’ers anymore.

The Debacle opens up Friday at 6 p.m. with one of Akron’s newest punk bands, The Vulcanizers, containing one of Akron’s oldest punkers. The Show closes Saturday night with the Unreal McCoy’s taking the stage at 11:30 p.m.

Another programming note for the music historians among us: Saturday night also features three influential bands of the era (The Adults, Joy Circuit, The Attitude) before the Unreal McCoy’s close it out. Many around the world would think it wise to make time to witness these pioneers of the modern punk movement right here in Akron.

Tickets are priced as they might have been in the 80’s for such a line-up at just $8, and profits

go to the Akron/Canton Regional Foodbank. There will also be food collection barrels ready for donations. A raffle will be held for the Dieter Family Benevolent Fund to help pay for funeral and medical expenses from the recent tragedy in Copley, Ohio.

“I think it’s great that the Akron music scene is still in full swing with classic punk bands, and that this two-day event is benefiting the Akron/Canton Foodbank,” Marketing major Lawrence Prather said. “What could be better than listening to awesome music and helping the less fortunate at the same time? Nothing. Plus, it’s $8.”

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