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Saving your Wallet: Tips to Save Money on Textbooks

By Ben Sewell, Guest Writer

December 16, 2017

For many college students, one experience that is shared is the price of textbooks. The University of Akron senior Grant Holtzapple, recalling a particularly expensive semester,  said every single textb...

Idea: Monetary Incentive for Students

By Elena DellaValle, Guest Writer

December 5, 2017

How exciting would it be if universities paid students for their good grades? Think about it; college can be a challenging experience, so receiving money for hard-earned A’s would be a tangible incen...

UA Should Have More Left-Handed Desks to Become More of an Equal Opportunity Campus

By Adam Long and Amelia Dyck

October 2, 2017

An appropriate desk is arguably the most important item required in a classroom in order to facilitate learning. However, this basic need may not be met at The University of Akron. In a recent stati...

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December 8, 2016

In a recent guest viewpoint, it was argued that political correctness is not ruining our country but is critical to our nation’s progress. It is imperative to note the difference between political correctness and mere politeness. It is certainly a common decency to respect one’s chosen pronouns and beliefs, but that’s not all that polit...

November 29, 2016

As a financial supporter and a graduate of the University of Akron [sic], I want to put on record my dismay at the front page color photo of a young lady holding up a sign containing an obscenity in the November 17 edition of The Buchtelite.  I never use that language; there are far better ways to express oneself.  I understand that much discussi...

November 14, 2016

Having read the Nov. 3 “The choice is clear” editorial, I do hope readers visit These are rare times.  My personal introduction to the world stage came when I watched the murder of Israeli Olympians in 1972 on live TV at the age of 9. I grew up in a family which espoused multi-level involvement for the betterment of mankind. Thi...

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