The Buchtelite


Advertising Policy

  • The Buchtelite reserves the right to reject or require revision of any ad that it finds objectionable, libelous, discriminatory or in poor taste. The advertiser agrees not to hold The Buchtelite liable for nonpublication of any ad. If a prepaid ad is rejected for publication, the advertiser will receive full reimbursement.
  • The advertiser agrees not to hold The Buchtelite liable for any typographical errors. The Buchtelite will cancel a charge or grant a credit for an ad rendered valueless by a typographical error.
  • An advertiser who cancels a contract agrees to pay 50 percent of the value of the remainder of the contract.
  • If an ad needs a design revision because of advertiser error, a surcharge equal to 10 percent of the cost of the ad will be applied.
  • The advertiser assumes responsibility for all ad content, whether text or images, and for any claims made against The Buchtelite as a result of an ad’s content.
  • These policies are subject the change at any time. Changes take effect immediately.
  • The Business Manager can be reached at 330-972-5912.

Classified Ads

All classified ads, whether for the print edition of The Buchtelite or for the website, must be placed through our online portal. To see classified ad rates, both online and print, or to place a classified ad, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Only University of Akron students who register with a email address are able to place a free online or print classified ad. A note that pops up after the Post Classified button is clicked erroneously indicates that faculty and staff may also place a free ad. That note is part of the classified advertising host’s page template and cannot be changed to reflect The Buchtelite’s policy limiting free ads to students.

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