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Letters Submission Policy

The Buchtelite welcomes diverse viewpoints on its Opinion page. If you would like to contribute, please abide by these requirements:

Use this online form to submit your letter. All letters must include the writer’s full name, age, year and major (students only) and University email address (or another email address, if applicable).

Ages and email addresses will be used for verification purposes only and will not be published.

Readers who wish to express themselves in more depth should contact the Editor-in-Chief at [email protected] to be considered as a Guest Viewpoint writer.

All submissions must be signed. Anonymous letters will generally be rejected. However, the Editorial Board may grant anonymity in rare and compelling cases.

Letters and Guest Viewpoints may be edited for clarity and accuracy.

Letters and Guest Viewpoints containing personal attacks, libel, hate speech, profanity, or false or misleading information will be rejected.

All submitted letters and Guest Viewpoints become the property of The Buchtelite and may be used in online and print editions.

These requirements may be amended at any time at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Changes will take effect immediately.