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Army Sgt. Kyle White

Medal of Honor recipient talks courage, veteran opportunities

By Michelle DeShon , Writer February 22, 2016

A Medal of Honor recipient came to The University of Akron on Friday, Feb. 19 to speak about his time spent on duty overseas. Army Sgt. Kyle White received a Medal of Honor, the U.S.’s highest military...

Danger: Zombies Ahead

By Patrick Stallings April 11, 2013

Patrick Stallings If you were ever going to grow eyes in the back of your head, now is the time. Phi Delta Epsilon has brought back the Humans vs. Zombies competition to campus. This epic game of...

The attack of Cupid’s arrows

February 14, 2013

Andrew Wehmann It’s late at night and a man and a woman pass by the orange glow of a lantern-lit bazaar. The winged bowman Cupid flies above unseen. He spots the man and woman as they wait in line at...

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