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Cabaret Company returns with the circus

Cabaret Company returns with the circus

February 14, 2013

Alexandra Didato The Theatre Guild presented “Cabaret Company 4: A Circus of Homo Sapiens” in Daum Theatre Feb. 6-10 last week.  The show, directed by Rosilyn Jentner, consisted of a group of dysfunctional circus members, who throughout different circus acts, portrayed themes of human life such ...

The circus is coming to Daum Theatre

February 7, 2013

Beau Brown “Our director would always say, ‘Life is a disease with a 100 percent mortality rate; you’re either six feet under or six feet above,’” said Kristen Weibel, student choreographer of Cabaret Company’s opening show, “A Circus of Homo Sapiens.” This week and upcoming weekend...