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Rob Portman over Ted Strickland

Rob Portman over Ted Strickland

By Zachary Jones , Student Writer March 18, 2015

Congressional campaigns in the United States are unfortunately not given much attention by their respective constituents. Seeing as these individuals are intending to directly represent specific districts...

Netanyahus grand stunt

Netanyahu’s grand stunt

By David Vernon, Student Writer March 9, 2015

What was witnessed Tuesday, March 3 in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives was a stunt two months in the making. There is contention concerning House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation...

A cure for executive overreach

By Zachary Jones, Student Writer February 18, 2015

At the conclusion of the 18th century, America became a free nation. Our nation’s declaration was signed in blood as well as in ink. The intent was to create a free society where one could practice their...

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