The Buchtelite

Quality over controversy

By Keirsten Heckel, Student Writer

November 11, 2015

A red cup. Recently, this simple, inanimate object has created quite a bit of controversy in the news and social media. To most people, Starbucks’ infamous red cup creates feelings of warmth and comfort during the holiday season. But this holiday season, the popular red cup is brewing strife among...

Controversy brews in wake of serial killings

Controversy brews in wake of serial killings

February 19, 2013

Kyle Steiner A group of concerned youths huddled around a television that hangs from the wall in the Student Union at The University of Akron on Feb. 14. They pensively observed the screen as news about the former Los Angeles police officer, Christopher Dorner, who allegedly murdered three people,...

The Monday night controversy: Touchdown or interception?

September 27, 2012

Written by: Matt Sympson The Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks ended with a controversial call that sent the Packers home beyond frustrated with the loss. The controversial call was made on the final play of the game. Seahawks rookie quarterback Russ...

Contraception Controversy

March 7, 2012

By: Russ Friend There was a time when large families were necessary. One thousand years ago, religion brought communities together (when they weren’t inciting wars). Reproduction was essential for the survival of our species and religious leaders of the time were right in supporting the reality ...