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Literary, Visual Artists Encouraged to Submit Works for Poe’s Garden Exhibit

Throughout the Halloween season, Summit Artspace will be hosting an exhibit exploring the Gothic and grotesque in honor of Edgar Allan Poe.

By Fabiana Mosquera, Arts & Entertainment Contributor

September 16, 2019

Summit Artspace will be celebrating the unique artistic impact of the works of Edgar Allan Poe next month, as the center is displaying works reflecting Poe’s fascination for the unknown and surreal through their new exhibit, Poe’s Garden. Visual and literary artists from Summit, Portage, Cuyah...

Poe, poetry, and us

Poe, poetry, and us

By Grant Morgan, Arts & Life Editor

February 4, 2015

Most people have something in common with Edgar Allen Poe. Yes—the eccentric, creepy, arguably demented—Edgar Allen Poe; we may be more alike than we think. Here is a disclaimer: I am not a poetic scholar, a literary critic or a notable writer. I just like reading poetry and writing what I think...