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The Reel: Doctor Strange

By Alex Belovich,

November 7, 2016

Film: Doctor Strange   Doctor Strange is a refreshing new start for the Marvel movie franchise and for the Marvel Universe. Set in the present day, the movie tells the story of Dr. Steven Strange, portrayed by the dynamic Benedict Cumberbatch, a world-class surgeon who specializes in life-sa...

THE REEL: Film Reviews (10-18-16)

By Kelcie Erbse “The Film Addict”,

October 17, 2016

Film: Girl on the Train Moviegoers are flocking over Paula Hawkins’ widely successful novel “The Girl on the Train” reaching the box office this month, but not in a positive way. The ending is confusing, and some people are even saying it’s a knock-off of “Gone Girl,” as one critic pu...

THE REEL: Film Reviews

By Kelcie Erbse "The Film Addict"

September 28, 2016

Film: Magnificent Seven There are different types of people when it comes to seeing a movie: people who strictly pirate, those who go just for date night, the occasional goers, or even those who get their mothers to drive them there. Then there are attendants who go weekly, if not more often. Then...

UA pays respects to communication professor

Communication professor Paul R. Jacoway died unexpectedly at age 55.

By Alicia Finch, Editor-in-Chief

March 11, 2015

Communication professor and Akron native Paul R. Jacoway died Monday, March 9, at his home. Fifty-five years-old, Jacoway’s cause of death is undetermined at this time. A brother and a sister survive Jacoway. “He was an inspiration to people who had a desire to do something they were really...

NFL player-turned-filmmaker

November 13, 2012

Written by: D.J. Johnson The NFL is not as lucrative as it appears on Sundays. Matthew Cherry experienced it firsthand. After graduating from The University of Akron, Cherry spent three seasons with four different NFL teams before his career came to an abrupt end. At 25 years old, he retired. It ...

Akron Film+Pixel Night radiates new talent

September 18, 2012

Written by: Alexandra Long This past Thursday, Sept. 13, the Akron Art Museum held Akron Film+Pixel Night, where numerous directors showed their hard work on the big screen for the community to enjoy. Four short films were screened: "Laos Free," "Countdown to an Early Lunch," "60 BPM" and "Mouthf...

Musicians score silent film

September 6, 2012

Written by: Zaina Salem On August 16, eighteen musicians from around the area gathered at the Akron Art Museum to watch their creations come to life. Each musician had two weeks to score a three-to-five-minute section of the 1920 silent film, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." The final production, an event...

Akron Film & Pixel Fest

October 9, 2011

By: Cydney Woodyard This Thursday through Sunday, numerous guests will be flocking to the Akron Art Museum for the 2011 Akron Film and Pixel Festival. This will be the first time that the festival will bring in writers, actors and filmmakers for question and answer sessions after the viewings. "I f...