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Victoria Schurr, the President of Kanga Blue (center) said the group’s name is a play on The University of Akron’s mascot, the kangaroo. (Photo courtesy of Adam Michel)

Kanga Blue: The Barden Bellas of Akron

As the only all-female a cappella group at The University of Akron, Kanga Blue offers female singers opportunities to continue their passion for music.
By Megan Parker, News Contributor March 22, 2018

Originally founded in the fall of 2010 by Dr. Dale Mugler, a previous Dean of the Honors College, Kanga Blue is one of the three a cappella groups and the only all-female group at The University of Akron. Dr....

Members of all-female acapella group Kanga Blue.

Acapella in the spring

By Preston Davis, Writer April 25, 2016

The all-female acapella group called Kanga Blue attracted nearly 300 people to its annual free spring concert at Leigh Hall auditorium on Friday evening. The group took the stage at 7 p.m and, over...

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