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Matt Kenyon Exhibit Stands on the Corner of Science, Art

Artist Matt Kenyon presents a lecture in Folk Hall at The University of Akron,.

By Julian Curet, News Contributor

October 10, 2017

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, students, faculty, and members of the general public gathered inside Folk Hall at The University of Akron to hear a lecture by artist Matt Kenyon on many of his creations. Afterwards, attendees moved to the Emily Davis Gallery to view Kenyon’s exhibit. “Heatsink”, is on the upper...

More to the Equestrian team than horseplay

The UA Equestrian team expanded from four members to 13 over the course of the semester.

By Colleen Carroll

April 19, 2016

You may not have heard about The University of Akron’s English Equestrian team, but there’s a bit more to them than horseplay. The club, which was created in 2002, started this semester with only four members but through heavy recruiting has grown to its current headcount of 13. It’s a diverse ...