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New Media: UA introduces a new interdisciplinary minor

November 10, 2011
A new minor, New Media, has surfaced at The University of Akron, tucked in a blanket of both great intrigue and slight confusion. What is this strange new discipline? How can it benefit students? Could it even affect tomorrow’s society? New Media is very difficult to define because of its enormity, but as a whole it seems to be an amorphous, ever-evolving paradigm.

Film fest adds new media class work

October 13, 2011
Since Rob Lucas founded the Akron Independent Film and Video Festival in 2002, the event has gone through several transformations. “This was the first year that we incorporated video games," Alana Gustafson, director of Outreach for Akron Film, said. "I think it is going to be so interactive, especially in the technology age. People who come to the event for the films will like the games as well. We are hoping that people will really take to the video games. [Introducing video games] is something that is kind of unheard of, especially within the film industry and festivals.”
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