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Parking Department adding Polsky Express among other new route proposals

By Spencer DeVeau, News Writer

April 23, 2015

This fall, riders of the Roo Express might look out their seat windows and notice they are not taking in the usual sights they have grown accustomed to. UA's Parking and Transportation Services have proposed route changes for the Roo Express's Circulator, South, and West Routes. It also proposed a...

Parking a hassle for most students

September 6, 2012

Written by: Nick Nussen Settling into the new semester without first settling into a parking spot is like buying a house without a driveway or finding someone else camped in your garage. Until their vehicles are nestled snugly between lines of white paint, students are as restless as the sputtering e...

Parking lot problems

February 22, 2012

By: Russ Friend Heavy snow fell on the windshield and was quickly dispatched by wipers as the weather and my truck engaged in a test of wills against a backdrop of Rammstein’s “Meine Land.” I pulled into Olin Hall’s parking lot hoping to get inside as quickly as possible. Most of the lot was ...

Parking Changes: less spaces, more safety

October 24, 2011

By: Molly Gase The parking lot between the Exchange parking deck on Carroll street and the Schrank parking decks are now no longer available for students to park in. According to a recent zipmail, the changes are in order to “increase pedestrian safety” and to allow cars to more easily move thro...

Parking wallet-ache

August 10, 2011

By Brien Croff Do you remember walking back to your car to find a parking ticket on your windshield and thinking, “Are you serious?”  If so, you are one of many students who has faced this irritation. If not, and you do commute, you are lucky. In the past, if your meter ran out of time, you had...