The Buchtelite

Legalizing marijuana, redistricting, barring monopolies

By Logan Lane and Paul Clifford

October 28, 2015

On Nov. 3, voters in the state of Ohio will decide whether to legalize marijuana (Issue 3), prevent future bills from encouraging monopolies (Issue 2), and make fairer, bipartisan redistricting (Issue 1).   What is issue 3? Issue 3, or The Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative, is an...

The issue with Issue 3

By Buchtelite Editorial Board

October 28, 2015

Marijuana prohibition will not last, but the monopoly that issue 3 creates certainly will. Call it a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel— the principal problem with issue 3 is that it puts 10 wealthy investors into the constitution of Ohio as the exclusive producers of commercial marijuana. What's worse is tha...