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Theater program returns to UA

Student Jessie Armstead performed in The America Play last in the Sandefur Theatre in Guzzeta Hall.

By Kristina Aiad-Toss, News Editor

November 9, 2016

After a two-year hiatus, the theater arts degree program is back at The University of Akron for this upcoming spring semester, following approval from the Board of Trustees and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. In 2014 the degree program, along with 54 others, was suspended because of low...

Students retell voices of Vietnam

Seniors Lia Pietrolungo and Chad Weaver retell the conversation between a young Vietnamese student and their grandmother about the war in Vietnam.

By Logan Lane, Managing Editor

November 9, 2016

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. is a black wall listing the names of the 58,200 Americans who died in the Vietnam War. This wall is 150 yards long. If we made a monument listing the three million Vietnamese who died in that same war, that wall would be four-and-a-half miles long. ...

Second week of ‘The American Play’

By Julian Curet,

November 9, 2016

This November the UA Theatre Arts main stage production is “The America Play,” written by Suzan-Lori Parks and directed by Jimmie Woody. The next performances take place at 2 p.m. on Nov. 12 and at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 10-12 in Sandefur Theatre at Guzetta Hall. On the surface, “The America Play” is ab...

EJ links with Playhouse Square, Civic Theater

EJ links with Playhouse Square, Civic Theater

By Zaina Salem, Editor-in-Chief

September 29, 2015

The University of Akron is partnering with Playhouse Square and the Akron Civic Theatre to present the “Broadway in Akron” series at EJ Thomas Hall.   With the new two-year agreement, the series will continue as scheduled on the UA Events website. The future of “Broadway in Akron” was...

Diversity event not a drag

Denise Russels, Tatiana James, and Malibu Peruu poses with ZPN coordinators after the show to support the event

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

March 12, 2015

With over 90 students in attendance, The University of Akron held a drag show on Tuesday, March 10 in the Student Union Theatre from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. The show was a way to engage and for UA to promote diversity on campus. Each of the drag queens put a unique spin on their individual acts. The goal...

Classic Broadway musical revamped

Classic Broadway musical revamped

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

February 12, 2015

The four-time Tony award winning musical, “Camelot,” was held at EJ Thomas Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 10 and Feb. 11. This famous Broadway musical first premiered in the 1960s and the production continues to perform all over the country. “Camelot” centers around a mythical town called Camelot...

The Midtown Men bring back 60s rock

Midtown Men singing to a full house.

By Aubrey Barto, Video Editor

November 3, 2014

The Midtown Men, made of 4 original cast members from Jersey Boys: Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and Tony Award nominee J. Robert Spencer visit Akron for the first time to put on an energized, nostalgic performance bringing 1960s rock and roll back to life....

Shakespeare Company performs at UA campus

Juliet played by Allison Good and Romeo played by Matthew J. Wheeler  in Romeo&Juliet.

By Elizabeth Fleagle, Writer

August 4, 2014

The University of Akron’s Shrank Hall was put to great use this summer, as it has become home to Akron’s own Rubber City Shakespeare Company. In its second season, Rubber City Shakespeare Company performed two classic Shakespeare plays. Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet were performed by...

"Stories of the Kindertransport" to premiere at Sanderfur Theatre

December 6, 2012

Written by: Heather Beyer Imagine being a child on a train headed for a foreign country, and having to endure the journey completely alone. Nearly 10,000 Jewish children faced this reality at the start of World War II as they were sent out of Nazi Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia, without their pa...

Biblical "myth" turned to musical

November 27, 2012

Written by: Boh Brown Imagine walking through the land of Canaan in Biblical times and finding yourself surrounded by energetic, singing and dancing men and women who were narrating their adventures. You may think you're dreaming, but in the case of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," you ...

A new theater company opens at Akron

October 11, 2012

Written by: Lois Elswick A new theater company has officially opened its doors here in Akron. They call themselves None Too Fragile, and have made their home next to Pub Bricco in the Valley. None Too Fragile is the brainchild of Sean Derry, Alanna Romansky and Jaysen Mercer. Sean Derry is known a...

The “Emperor” comes to UA

April 12, 2012

Written by: Lois Elswick Eugene O’Neill’s classic play “The Emperor Jones” will make its debut at Sandefur Theatre in Guzzetta Hall tonight. The production is directed by UA student Carol Eutsey, who has directed and starred in many productions in the Akron area. The play revolves around the life of an African-American man named Brutu...

Akron’s New World Performance Lab: gains attention across the globe

April 4, 2012

Written by: Lois Elswick An innovative community of theater artists located in Highland Square is bringing national recognition to Akron. New World Performance Laboratory (NWPL) hosts a variety of performances and workshops from home at the Balch Street Theatre, located at 220 S. Balch Street in Ak...

UA Director receives Outstanding Artist in Theatre Award

By Heather Beyer

November 7, 2011

Director James Slowiak, theater professor at The University of Akron, will be recognized for the Outstanding Artist in Theatre Award from the Akron Area Arts Alliance on Nov. 20. The award is given out every two years in the Akron area. Slowiak was nominated by a variety of people, primarily from...

Cancer Survivor Directs "I Need More Time. Thanks!"

October 27, 2011

By: Heather Beyer “I Need More Time! Thanks!” written by Yulia Gray and directed by Caorl Eustey, begins with a woman who finds a lump in her breast. From that point on, the audience is taken on a journey with her from the time she discovers the abnormality to the decision that so many woman fa...

A night of elegance at "My Fair Lady"

October 26, 2011

By: Heather Beyer It was a night of reminisce and elegance. From the moment I entered EJ Thomas Hall, it felt as though I was stepping back in time. Everyone was dressed in fashionable attire. There was even a young lady wearing a vintage hat, cloak and dress that appeared to be very fitting for the ...