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Octubafest comes to Akron

Performers play tuba on Guzzetta stage.

By Julie Mullet, Writer

October 28, 2015

The night was hallmarked by the robust, resonant sounds of tubas and euphoniums as ensembles and quartets performed pieces ranging from festive folk songs to classics. UA students and music-lovers alike gathered in Guzzetta Hall on Oct. 26 for "Octubafest." The ensemble was directed by Christopher J...

ATLAS Tuba and Euphonium Quartet performs at Guzzetta

ATLAS performed an array of pieces from modern to classical composers.

By Julie Mullet, Writer

September 16, 2015

Four musicians in identical suit coats, plaid button-downs, jeans, and black Converse took the stage on Sep. 14 in the Guzzetta Recital Hall. The quartet, ATLAS, consists of two tuba performers, Matt Hightower and Andy Smith, and two euphonium performers, Mike Waddell and Geoff Durbin. Although ...