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MotherFood Bakery Fulfills Need for Vegan Option in Akron

MotherFood Bakery will feature a variety of vegan treats and baked goods.

By Elizabeth Heckler, Social Media Editor

February 12, 2020

Taylor Dawson went vegan on the day before Thanksgiving in 2019. The sophomore English major says she always had an interest in going vegan, but she did not feel comfortable with making the change until recently. “There were others that didn't respect my idea to even go vegan, so when I did, it was very ...

Farewell, VegiTerrean: local restaurant closes after 4 years

October 4, 2011

By: Molly Gase VegiTerranean, a downtown Akron vegan restaurant and bar with an Italian-Mediterranean inspired menu, closed its doors on Sunday due to financial difficulty in the current economic climate. VegiTerranean had been voted as one of the top vegan restaurants nationwide by Business Week. ...