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Our Akron zoo continues to expand

September 13, 2012

Written by: Beau Brown With 52 acres and over 700 different animal species, the Akron Zoo is a global experience available to us right in our backyard. From lemurs to leopards, lions to lionfish,...

Jumanji Takes over Ohio

October 26, 2011
One week ago, over 50 exotic animals were killed because of the carelessness of one man. Terry Thompson had in ownership over 10 different species of animals located on his farmland in Zanesville, Ohio. He took it upon himself to open all the cages and then take his own life. Local authorities were informed and the city took action with the quickest, easiest means known to man: firearms. News of this began popping up all over Facebook and Twitter: “Hope I don’t see a bear on the way to class,” “Ohio is starting to sound like a game of Jumanji.”

Boo at the Zoo

October 20, 2011
This Saturday the first of a series of Boo at the Zoo trick-or-treat events will be happening at the Akron Zoo. Boo at the Zoo is an annual event that allows trick-or-treaters to collect candy and have fun with the Halloween holiday within the safety of the zoo.
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