Tressel says, “You should be here”

Written by: Katelyn Freil and Heather Beyer

Jim Tressel will present “The Journey of Success” on Monday night at E.J. Thomas Hall. He will be speaking as part of the Forum Series, one of the many exciting event happening at E.J. Thomas Hall and around campus.

On Monday on his usual campus rounds, Tressel met with a couple from Minnesota who were visiting campus. They left Tressel with an inspiring message:

“You should be here!”

“It dawned on us that a lot of the people that we are talking to need to know that they should be here with us,” Tressel said.

That is what The University of Akron admissions group is going to be out there telling high school students, Tressel said.

“Whatever it is we need people to know that you should be here.”

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