Political student organizations get ready for the upcoming elections

Written by: Morgan LaVallee

In case you’ve forgotten, it’s election season. And with the elections comes a poisonous amount of propaganda and lies from both parties.

But political rhetoric aside, this 2012 presidential election promises to be critically important for the economy, for the middle class, and especially for college students. With so much negativity, it’s all too easy for students to ignore the campaigns and focus on less infuriating problems, like homework.

Unfortunately, the attack ads and corrupt politicians won’t go away by simply ignoring them.

One way to improve the country and our political system is to vote. The University of Akron has teamed up with Turbo Vote, which makes it easier for students to register and to obtain absentee ballots. This free non-partisan service can be found in Zipline and on the university’s website.

If voting isn’t enough, students can join one of the political groups on campus and motivate their fellow students. The University of Akron has two political groups to help inspire and educate young voters: the College Democrats and the College Republicans.

In this election year, these groups have received increased interest. According to Christine Cox, president of the College Democrats, and Alyssa Bailey, chairwoman of the College Republicans, there has been a significant escalation in student participation.

The College Democrats meet every other Wednesday, and the first and third Thursdays of each month, from 4-6 p.m. Their next meetings are on Sept. 26 in the Student Union, room 316, and Oct. 4 in the Student Union, room 308.

To the Democrats, one of the most important issues in this presidential election is the Affordable Care Act.

“If the Act is repealed, we will go back to banks being between students and federal funds for education, and lose Pell Grant dollars desperately needed in this economy,” Cox said.

The College Republicans have also experienced a drastically enhanced amount of activism, according to chairwoman Alyssa Bailey.

The College Republicans meet every Monday at 8 p.m. in Student Union 316.

According to their chairwoman, the group meets to collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate information about our nation’s political landscape.

College Republicans participate in grassroots movements and volunteerism, including door-to-door walks, literature drops, tubing, phone banking, and advocating for the politics of our community.

“The most important issues are the vast expansion of the federal government that is consequently destroying the wealth of millions of Americans through overzealous spending, and the lack of job prospects for those graduating from college,” Bailey said.

This presidential election has the potential to greatly affect college students. In November, voters will elect a president who will make decisions about our student loan rates, tuition costs, health care and the economy. To get involved and fight for students’ rights, students can join these political groups and vote.

For more information about the College Democrats and their upcoming events, contact their president, Christine Cox, at [email protected].

For more information about the College Republicans, contact their chairwoman, Alyssa

Bailey, at [email protected].