Dear world events end with one final presentation

Written by: Alex Didato

The Dear World last week brought together students and faculty in sharing what message they would like the world to know. Students of all majors and backgrounds gathered in front of the Student Union Starbucks to write messages on their arms that they thought would give hope and courage to others. The event lasted only two days, from Tuesday to Wednesday, but the impact has carried into this week.

“It’s been very successful,” said Residence Life Coordinator of South Residence Hall Tiffany Montgomery. “They [Dear World and Akron student organizations] were great at getting the word out and having teachers announce it to their classes. It was also great it have it as part of Diversity Week.”

The TV’s in the Student Union have continued to display pictures taken from the Dear World event at Akron. The culminating event took place Wednesday night in the Student Union Ballroom. The event featured speaker Robert Fogarty, as well as a display of all of the pictures taken at The University of Akron by students and faculty members. The event was motivational and empowering.

“Dear World gave us an amazing chance to creatively spread thoughts and messages that we hold in our hearts and minds with the rest of our peers,” said WZIP and ZTV member Jenny Doherty. “Some people were even able to share something they might have even been afraid to say out loud.”

To learn more about the Dear World movement, check out their website at