C-SPAN educates university students

Written by: Katelyn Freil

C-SPAN’s Campaign 2012 Digital Bus came to campus on Tuesday to offer an educational experience for students and an opportunity for them to look inside the campaign bus.

The bus sat outside of the Student Union for two hours yesterday.

Laura Massie, the director of media relations at The University of Akron, said that C-SPAN’s idea is to tour college campuses throughout the country and talk to students to find out what their most pressing issues are for this election.

Massie said that when she spoke to representatives from C-SPAN and Time Warner Cable about the appearance of the bus on campus, they said they were very pleased with the student turnout.

This is the second time that the bus has been on campus, as it was here in the summer, too.

Massie said that the representatives decided it was important to come back again because, not only did they get a good turnout over the summer, but Ohio is a battleground state, or a swing state.

For more information from C-SPAN on the presidential election, visit c-span.org/Campaign2012.