Sympson's sports view

Written by: Matt Sympson

With many of our teams playing on the road this weekend, it was a quiet weekend for Akron sports around campus. However, the Cleveland Browns received their first win of the season as they knocked off division rival Cincinnati Bengals.

Akron football

Our football team traveled to the hostile environment of Athens to take on the undefeated Ohio Bobcats. The Zips made it a real game, but unfortunately fell. The Zips left Athens with still only one victory on the season, and winless against MAC opponents.

If we’re going to be able to compete, we need to start winning some in-conference games. We can’t continually lose these games and expect to improve. We are competing and staying in these games, but as Terry Bowden said in his pre-game video on the big screen, “We gotta start believing that we’re gonna win.”

The Zips return home this Saturday to take on Northern Illinois. I’m hoping they end their losing streak and get that second win they’ve been trying to earn, and have been so close to acquiring.

Professional football

Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns for getting their first victory of the season (even though I’m a Steelers fan). It’s about time! The Browns looked like a solid team on Sunday, and I was very impressed with how they played. It was definitely a much-needed victory for the team. Division wins are very important for any team.

I was upset to see the Steelers fall to the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night, but I hope they can bounce back and get a victory this Sunday. It’s a shame to see them come up short again. Our defense might be wearing down a bit, and age may be starting to become a factor, but I’m not saying that it is just yet. I’m hoping that they rebound next week and that we get some of our injured players back. Sunday will be a big day for them.

I look forward to seeing our football team return home. It would be awesome to see them get their second win in front of their home crowd.

Go Zips!