Sympson's Sports View

Written by: Matt Sympson

The weekend started out harsh for Akron students, with our football team falling to Central Michigan and dropping their sixth straight game.

The women’s soccer team brought home a victory, and that will hopefully lift the spirits of UA fans.

Steelers and Brown fans both had something to celebrate this weekend when both teams clinched a victory.

Akron football

Many people might be thinking that our football team is the exact same as last season’s, and that we may end up going 1-11 for the third time in a row.

It’s going to take time for head coach Terry Bowden to turn our football program into a winning program.

Nothing happens in one season, just like Rome wasn’t built in one day.

I’m just jealous that the freshmen here will probably — hopefully — see a winning team in the next couple of years.

It has been a disappointing season, but I’ll still stand beside our football team and support them. We definitely have a good chance to grab our second win when we play Massachusetts next weekend, if we don’t defeat Kent State first.

I would love for us to beat Kent State and Massachusetts, and  close out a three-win season on a two-game winning streak.

We all just have to continue to show support, and to keep faith that Bowden will turn our football program around.

Women’s soccer

The women’s soccer team concluded their season over the weekend with a victory against MAC opponent Buffalo.

This was big because it was a road victory, and there’s no better way to end a season than with a win on the road.

It definitely gives a team confidence heading into the off-season.

They did only manage to win six games (6-11-1), but I’ll take six hard-earned wins any given day over none.

I’m hoping they come out strong next year and get even more than six wins.

I’m proud of them for not giving up on their season and for finishing it strong, with a victory.

Professional football

Sunday was an exciting day for Browns fans, as they earned their second victory of the season against the San Diego Chargers in a low -scoring 7-6 victory.

The Browns are still dropping easy passes, but their defense stepped it up and stopped the Chargers from having a game-winning drive.

The Browns will play the Baltimore Ravens next weekend. Steelers fans will definitely be cheering on the Browns, hoping they pull off the win.

Speaking of the Steelers, it was an awesome victory for them as well.

They took care of the Washington Redskins 27-12 and improved their record to 4-3.

They are on a two-game winning streak and are hoping to catch up to the Ravens, who were on a bye week this week and stand in first place in the AFC North with a 5-2 record. The Steelers will face the New York Giants next weekend.

Also, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, who defeated the Detroit Tigers in a 4-0 sweep on Sunday night to win the World Series.

Job well done, gentlemen!

Another weekend of Akron sports is behind us as we head into November and the cold weather comes upon us even more.

Hopefully November will bring our football team good luck and we’ll pile on a couple of victories. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Go Zips!