Sympson's sports view

Written by: Matt Sympson

This upcoming weekend the Akron Zips will travel to Kent State to face their arch-rivals, the Golden Flashes. Also in the world of football, the Browns will host the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will face the New York Giants.

Akron football

Akron has lost the last two meetings against Kent State in the Wagon Wheel Challenge. If Akron beats Kent on Saturday, I’ll consider it a successful season. There’s nothing better than a football team beating their arch-rivals. As long as Akron keeps the game close, even if they do lose, I’ll be happy. Akron needs to come out strong, and our defense really needs to step up their game if they want any chance of winning. I’m just tired of our football team losing, and I’m ready to start winning football games. I think we students have earned the right to finally see a successful winning football team.

Professional football

If there ever was a big weekend for football, this would be it. With the Browns hosting the Ravens and the Steelers facing the Giants, it’s bound to be an interesting Sunday. I’m hoping the Browns can get a victory against the Ravens. After the Browns face the Ravens on Sunday, the Browns will have played every team in the AFC North twice, except the Steelers. The match-up is quickly approaching, and I can’t wait. The Steelers need to be cheering for the Browns as well, because a Ravens loss drops them to 5-3, and a Steelers win brings them to 5-3 and makes them tied for first place in the AFC North. So Sunday will be a very interesting day.

This weekend will definitely be a big weekend for sports. I hope all students will represent us well by making the short 15-minute drive to Kent State and show our school spirit. No matter what our record may be, we are all proud of our football team. Let’s show up at Kent State and watch our football team beat them on their own home field. That would be an awesome feeling!

And, as always,

Go Zips!