Our View: Bierce Library

Deep in the recesses of Bierce Library, one can expect to find many dangers lurking. Most of them are just homeless people trying to sleep, but occasionally one can find them looking at pornography on the library computers. Why is this? Well, it’s just another of our University’s many unaddressed security issues.

Many students, thankfully, do not have to explore Bierce in order to find books. The online capabilities on Zipline have made knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System obsolete. Unfortunately, that has done nothing to keep other more unwanted guests out. Our Zip Card handles many benefits that UA has to offer, one of which is to check books out of our extensive library located in the center of campus, but it has no bearing on who gets to actually enter the vast collection of endless reading materials.

Because of this breakdown in security, our library is home to many miscellaneous citizens of Akron. The University distributes community patron library cards unless applicants have a criminal background, but that doesn’t mean that criminals can’t wander the library freely. A simple, easy fix of only allowing Zip Card-carrying students to access the chamber of knowledge would be prudent. However, as seems typical, the powers that be have lapsed into a daze. Never mind that there is an amazing public library just down the road; for whatever reason, The University of Akron has decided to allow any visitor willing to enter the gates to wander the shelves of our library.

They may say that only students, faculty and alumni are allowed to use the facility, but anyone who has reached into the depths of his soul and found the courage to investigate the various tiers of verbose wisdom has inevitably discovered others who clearly don’t belong. This breakdown in safety must be addressed, and right now. All it takes is one incident involving these uninvited and unwanted guests and students will rise in an uproar. We must ensure that either the Associated Student Government or the University Administration act swiftly before, God forbid, something terrible happens; or at least more terrible than seeing a homeless guy ogling nude women on campus computers.