Politics: the good, the bad and the ugly

Written by: Nicole Loepp

There is no question that the recent presidential election stirred up controversy. The rivalry between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney was not, however,  restricted to just those in the political world: it infested all of society.

The University of Akron’s campus has experienced the swarms of excitement and tension the presidential campaign brought. As large amounts of political propaganda spewed from every news outlet at every hour, it was no surprise that more and more people got fired up.

Toni Tokie, a corporate finance major at UA, has experienced the passion behind this year’s election firsthand.

“I had no idea who my roommate was voting for until the other day, when we started talking about the job market,” Tokie said. “Before I knew it, we were in a heated debate about President Obama. I didn’t mean to fight with her, but I take the issue to heart, and she obviously does too.”

Shelby Smith, a third-year finance and real estate major, thinks that people are taking things too far.

“Maybe it’s the poor economy that’s making everyone a little crazier about this election,” she said.

The campaign was very present on this campus, from Obama canceling his visit Wednesday and former president Bill Clinton speaking last Thursday night, to the various groups rallying around campus.

But many relationships have suffered from the campaign.

“I think people are taking each other’s views on politics way too seriously — and personally,” Smith said.