Sympson's sports view

Written by: Matt Sympson

Our football team fell to 1-10 on the season, but the good news is that our men’s basketball team is beginning their season after a disappointing end to last season. Our men’s soccer team continues to dominate. The Browns fell to the Baltimore Ravens, while the Pittsburgh Steelers continued their winning streak.

Akron football

It’s very disappointing to lose in the sport of football. It’s even more disappointing to suffer 10 losses in one season. Maybe the most disappointing part is that we fell to our arch-rivals for the third consecutive year, and that they get to keep the wagon wheel for yet another season. It’s been a disappointing season for our football team. We are getting closer and closer to going 1-11 for the third straight season. Hopefully next weekend, when Massachusetts comes to Akron, we can beat them and end our one-win consecutive seasons. Fans are still holding out for their Zips to get that second win, and I think that we can when we play Massachusetts next weekend.

Men’s basketball

It was exciting to see our men’s basketball team start this new season. I was so upset to see them fall to Ohio University in the Mid-American Conference championship. What’s worse is that they lost to Ohio by only one point. Hopefully their head coach, Keith Dambrot, will once again lead our basketball team to the MAC championship. Fans are excited to get this season underway. I hope it will be an interesting and winning season for UA students and the basketball team.

Men’s soccer

Talk about dominance! Our soccer team has won 12 straight games, their last loss dating back to Sept. 9 against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They are 15-1-2, and I think that our chances of winning another national championship are greater then ever. What would be a better way to say goodbye to head coach Caleb Porter than to win a national championship? I hope every Akron student is behind our men’s soccer team and is showing their pride and support.

Professional football

If you’re a Browns fan, you’re upset. If you’re a Steelers fan, you’re happy. The Browns fell to division rival the Baltimore Ravens in a 25-15 loss on Sunday. The biggest reason that the Browns lost, in my opinion, was that every time they got into the red zone, they ended up kicking a field goal. You can’t win football games when you settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. It will not happen! The Browns fall to 2-7 on the season as they enter their bye week. They are in fourth place in the AFC North Division. Meanwhile, the Steelers improve to 5-3 with a win over defending Super Bowl champions the New York Giants. I did think that there were several ridiculous calls in this game, including the penalty on Steelers cornerback Ryan Clark for helmet-to-helmet contact; Clark clearly hit the receiver’s shoulders. The Steelers needed the Browns to beat the Ravens, but it’s still okay. The Steelers will face the one-win Kansas City Chiefs next Monday night. No win is for sure, so I’m hoping the Steelers don’t underestimate them.

It’s still extremely upsetting to have a one-win football team, but our men’s soccer team makes up for it. I hope that, over time, our football team will continue to improve. But as of now, we still have a lot of work to do.

Go Zips!