ROTC: Iron Furby Leadership Lab

Every Friday, The University of Akron Army ROTC conducts a leadership lab as part of their education requirement. These leadership labs are designed to condition future Army leaders in order to prepare them for combat.

On Oct. 22, the cadets arrived at Shrank Hall South to compete in a competition as a seven-man team called the Iron Furby.

The competition consists of seven events, including firing an M-16 rifle in a shooting range after sprinting across campus, doing chin ups for 15 minutes, carrying a soldier 200 meters across a field, crossing a rope suspended from two trees, swimming 100 meters and pulling a 300-pound tire with two ropes.

These events took place all around main campus at Shrank Hall South, Ayer Hall, the Recreational Center and the outside field track. In order to win the competition, teams had to complete each event with the quickest time overall.