1-11 season haunts Akron

Written by: D.J. Johnson

Is it possible to find a glimmer of hope in a 1-11 season?

The Akron football program heads into the offseason pondering that question for the third consecutive year.

This time around they were led by a new coaching staff, a new quarterback and a new style of play.

The results were simply old news.

With a 35-23 loss to Toledo last Tuesday, the Zips received their ninth
straight loss.

They maintained their stranglehold on the bottom of the Mid-American Conference and are one of six teams in the country to have one or fewer wins.
First-year head coach Terry Bowden had stated during preseason that any number between two and 12 in the win column would be considered a success, which would now seemingly be a goal that transfers over to the 2013 season.

As bad as a 3-33 record over the course of three seasons sounds, the phrase, “It can only go up from here” is as relevant as ever.

Bowden will head into his first full offseason of recruiting with the ability to sell a top-notch stadium and the chance to play as a freshman.

His name alone carries weight.

The Zips will bring back freshman quarterback Kyle Pohl, who shined in his first start in the final game of 2012.

Sophomore running back Jawon Chisholm will return to the backfield after amassing over 950 yards on the ground the past two seasons.

Four of the Zips top five receivers will be back in uniform when spring practice begins.

In all, seven starters are projected to return on both sides of the ball.

Another year in Bowden’s system may be all they need.

While 1-11 has become all too familiar to Akron fans, next season may just bring the change they are looking for: wins.