University of Akron Army ROTC takes marksmanship test

The University of Akron Army ROTC fired down range at Shrank Hall South with M-16 Rifles Nov.

12-16. Military professors taught these future officers how to handle and fire the Army standard issued

The junior class was required to pass the Basic Rifle Marksmanship test, which required the cadets

to hit 26 out of 40 target sheets. This was in preparation for their summer officer test in Fort Lewis,

Lower level cadets from the freshman and sophomore classes were also trained numerous times

through the EST range, an electronic version of a live range, by grouping and zeroing their shots and

doing an imitation of the live range qualification which required the cadets to hit 24 out of 40 of the

Cadet Walsh, a freshman, set the record as the top shooter of the 42nd Ohio Volunteer Battalion after