Sympson's sports view

Written by: Matt Sympson

It’s been such a fun semester, with both disappointing and exciting times.

It was disappointing to see our football team not have the successful season that we were all hoping for, but I think they have stepped into the right direction. While they finished their third straight year with a record of 1-11, they are definitely able to compete in games.

The women’s soccer team had a disappointing season, but the men’s soccer team had another terrific year. The surprising news of head coach Caleb Porter’s imminent departure to Major League Soccer did put a bit of a damper on the start of the season, but the team didn’t disappoint us. They won the MAC championship and advanced into the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, they were unable to win the national championship. But they still had an excellent season.

We will see how our basketball teams end up. Considering how well both are playing, it looks to be an exciting season. The women’s basketball team is showing how well they can compete after last year’s disappointing season; they have a 6-1 record so far. The men’s team, with all-star Zeke Marshall, is bulldozing over any team that gets in their way.

Unfortunately, this is my final issue as the sports editor of the Buchtelite. I have had so much fun voicing my opinion and encouraging students to show support. I also enjoyed analyzing all of our teams as well as professional football, and explaining why I thought we were losing and what we needed to do to get better. Sure, our teams came up short a lot of the time over the semester, but that made me appreciate the wins even more. I hope that head coach Terry Bowden will turn this team around, and I will continue to follow Akron Zips football for years to come.

I wish all students the best of luck as finals week approaches, and I hope that all students enjoy
their break.

We’ll see you in 2013!

Go Zips!