UA Police Blotter


On the second floor of Bierce Library on Friday, a student left his backpack on a table to use the restroom; when he came back, his bookbag was gone. According to the police report, the victim said he was gone for approximately two minutes before he came back to his table. The bookbag included a book and a laptop. The police report said there are no suspects at this time.

Also on Friday, a female reported that while she was asleep in her room in Spicer dorm, someone removed her phone from her room. The victim reported to the police that the only people who had access to her room were her roommate and roommate’s boyfriend.

A victim’s car was broken into on Saturday, and his parking pass was stolen. The victim’s car window had been covered in plastic and when he returned to his car, the plastic was ripped open and the parking pass
was gone.

Public Indecency

According to the police report, the victim said that she was walking on Exchange Street Sunday evening when an unknown white male asked her what time it was. The victim did not respond and kept walking. She then noticed the male was masturbating. The police report said the male grabbed her butt as she tried to run. The victim said she was not injured.