Oklahoma State Defeats #2 Kansas

You might be wondering why it’s important to note unranked Oklahoma State University. There are actually, surprisingly, two primary reasons this is so important to mention.

First and foremost, before this weekend the University of Kansas was the #2 ranked team in the entire nation. They also had the longest active winning streak in the nation. The Akron Zips’ were second.

Saturday’s thrills were not just limited to the Zips victory over the Bobcats, but also in Oklahoma State’s victory over Kansas. With the Jayhawks 85-80 loss, Akron has now become the team with the longest active winning streak in the nation, leading to national acknowledgement of the University of Akron’s program.

The second reason this particular win is significant, is that Akron lost to Oklahoma State earlier this year in an overtime thriller 78-74.

The defeat of Kansas helps to boost Akron in national rankings.