Couples have date night fun in union

Forrest Dukes

This Saturday, under dim lights with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” by Sir Elton John playing, couples gathered in the university’s game room for Couples Night Out.

“The idea for this event was to have couples come and have fun, while also building memories with each other,” said Keith A. (Tony) Brown, a coordinator for the event.

Eighteen couples attended this Couples Night Out, which was the first time The University of Akron held the event.

The event started a semester ago as Brown observed and interviewed couples he saw around the game room. He thought many of these couples would find an event like this interesting, and soon planned out an event where couples could come to relax and compete with other couples.

When the competition began, the couples had to compete in three different games: bowling, pool and carpet pool. In carpet pool, participants lay on their stomachs and shot pool balls down the room to see which couple could get the best distance.

Sophomore couple Jenna and Alex, who have been together for 15 months, were ready to compete at the event.

“It was different than how we usually play, especially with the carpet pool,” Jenna said.

At the end of the night, the couple that won each individual game received a gift card to a local restaurant.

One thing that Brown said may change about the event if it is hosted again, would be the day it’s held. Setting Couples Night Out on a Thursday or Friday could increase attendance, since students are already on campus and may be more likely to attend. A separate event could also be hosted for faculty members.

Something else that could change is how the term “couple” is thought of. The event would be welcoming to pairs of friends and those who have just started dating as well.

Brown said that the game room’s purpose is for the students of The University of Akron “to meet and create relationships of any kind,” and he hopes that this and other events in the game room will catch on during the semester.

Other events include tournaments and championships for both pool and bowling. Announcements will be posted on Zipmail and Facebook, as well as announced over the loudspeaker in the Student Union.