UA program leads students to success

Ranier Alexander

Many students have been taking the “leadership challenge” this semester with UA Leads, which hosts a series of events that aim to help elevate and amplify students’ leadership skills.

“UA Leads is a series of programs that are meant to, in essence, give everyone on campus the opportunity to become a leader,” said Garrett Dowd, the president of Sigma Lambda Honorary, a sponsor of the program. “I enjoy watching the spark of leadership ignite in students’ eyes after attending our events.”

The goal of UA Leads, which was recognized as a Regional Program of the Year by the National Association for Campus Activities, is to prepare students for their professional future, whether they want to be an entrepreneur, teacher or business leader.

While many of the events have already taken place, there are still a few opportunities for students to take part in the program, including a presentation tonight at E.J. Thomas Hall by Zach Wahls, and a presentation by the “official voice of Disney’s Goofy,” Bill Farmer, on March 6.

“The programs have been successful in many ways,” Dowd said. “Most notably, our amazing speakers this year have been easily able to inspire and educate every student who attends. We have also been able to double the attendance at some of our events year after year.”

Dowd said that it would be hard to pick a favorite event of those that have taken place so far. However, he did have to recognize the recent LinkedIn workshop that assisted students in creating a good profile on the website, which included getting professional head-shots taken for their profile.

“The LinkedIn event was in collaboration with USG and the Career Center and it helped students make a difference in their professional career,” Dowd said. “LuAnn Coldwell and Justin Orashan, from the Career Center and USG, respectively, did an amazing job presenting.”

UA Leads is sponsored by the Sigma Lambda Honorary, The National Residence Hall Honorary, Residence Hall Program Board, Residence Hall Council, the Department of Student Life, Undergraduate Student Government (USG), the Department of Residence Life and Housing, and the Career Center.

“I couldn’t be more pleased by the efforts that our group and others put into making these events available to the whole campus,” Dowd said. “Without collaboration, this leadership series would not have been possible.”