A Rose among thorns

Victoria Teresko

Making a difference in someone’s life can be gratifying. Whether it is being someone’s listening ear, helping hand, or a friendly smile. These are some of the things that Christine Rose does on a daily basis at UA.

Christine Rose is the Retention Coordinator for the Success, Achieve, STEM, and Choose Ohio First scholarship programs. She began her career at UA in October of 2012.

However, in this short time she has already made an impact on the students she mentors.

“(Rose) really works on connecting with her students,” said Tyler Wright, a junior in the athletic training program and the recipient of both the Achieve and Stem Scholarships. “She related some of her life events to mine. It felt good to talk to someone who can relate.”

Soon after Rose was hired, she was promoted from educational specialist to the retention coordinator. In this position, she works more closely as a mentor to the scholarship students. There is no typical day, according to Rose. Her workdays are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., as that is when the majority of students can meet.

“Christine is an outstanding addition to the program,” said Adam Smith, assistant vice president of student success. “She has a caring heart, (she’s) a great leader, and huge asset to the students here at UA.”

Rose graduated from Florida International University with a degree in social work and then continued her education at Barry University for her masters in social work. This has helped her with day to day interactions with her students. This can be seen through her one-on-one meetings, goal setting, and listening to general life issues of the scholarship recipients.

Every job has its issues. But according to Rose, she loves her job; maybe not the climate, but she loves working with students.

“Moving was difficult; from beautiful sunny Miami, Fla. to snowy Ohio has been a challenge,” said Rose. She moved when Jared Rose, her husband, was hired as the UA women’s soccer team’s assistant coach.

Rose has plans to take a guitar class at UA in the upcoming semester. She hopes to take some courses towards her PhD.

More information about scholarships offered can be found online on UA’s website or in the Shrank Hall South 9.