Media Does Matter

someone else’s viewpoint is being drilled into your head. Even if you decide to stay above the

rhetorical fray of our modern political cycles, simple advertisements on network television

once said, The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of

This same idea still resonates in the offices of newspapers and television news outlets

across our nation. You, my fellow students, are being manipulated by the media every day.

Just think about the topics of conversation you have with your friends. What movies

you want to see, which band you just discovered, the hot new video game trend, a new outfit;

Without commercials, most of us would be unaware of the existence of most things. If

those commercials weren’t targeted for our demographic, who is to say that our interest would

Our newspapers are equally as guilty of media bias. Somewhere, there is an editor that

is deciding which stories to run. Is it too offensive? Are there too many depressing stories?

shaped their world view. The hardest thing to do is allow an opposing voice to be heard when

Personally, I think the best thing for a newspaper to do is to just come out and declare

its bias. It would clear the air on many things. It would also offer the reader the choice to

The media is now trying to trick you into believing that certain foods are healthier than

others, that riding a bike will eliminate global climate change and that our economy is on the

The truth is that no one knows the real answers to any of these challenging problems.

Please don’t believe the lies. This is America. You should have the freedom to eat what you

want, drive the biggest car you can find and not believe everything you read. You don’t even

I, like other self-proclaimed writers, have an agenda as well. The difference is that I will

not hide my opinion behind political correctness or alleged bipartisanship. I want everyone

reading this to be more informed. It doesn’t matter if you agree with what I say or not, I just

want you to know that there are others out there that act like wolves, while dressing like

Educate yourselves, not about your classes, but about life. Look at multiple ideas, and

choose the best one. It is even okay to take little bits from one side or another.

There is a concerted effort on the part of the media to manipulate us. I only hope that

more people will realize it, and make changes in their lives to counteract these implanted

ideas. Free will is a gift that too many people take for granted, especially young college

Question authority of all types with boldness, and truly open your mind when you seek