Our View: Akron's Reputation

In case you haven’t heard, in some circles, The University of Akron has quite the terrible

reputation. People often make comments about how trashy, useless or outdated our University is.

Coming from students of other schools is one thing, but coming from our own peers is something else

entirely. Not only is it demeaning to us as students, but it is an opinion that is based on less than

Undoubtedly every student here has had a professor who remembers the dark ages of The

University of Akron, where a bustling street ran right through the middle of campus. Nowadays, we

students are lucky to have a beautiful brick walk path in place of this once-busy street.

Another complaint focuses on the outdated buildings and technology. While it is a fact that this

problem does exist, the University has been taking great strides in resolving the issue. In the past

several years, we’ve been given a brand new Student Union, Department of Biology and a newly

renovated of Leigh Hall. For anyone who cares to notice, there is currently a large construction project

on campus where old Memorial Hall is being torn down for the construction of the new College of

In addition to the new construction, Bierce Library is also being given a rather extensive first

floor renovation. Anyone making the argument that the University is terrible because some part of it

is outdated simply does not have a clear conception of a good University. Every college in the country

can’t possible stay updated all the time. In all reality, once an update has been completed, it is already

A university should be judged not by its current defecits, but by the steps it is taking to improve

problems. Would you rather be at a school that isn’t doing anything to improve, or at a school that is

The University of Akron has come a long way in the past several years. It has transitioned from

being a laughing stock to a respectable and prestigious place of education. We students must take pride

in this fact and do all we can do dispel ridiculous critiques against our school. In the end, whatever is