Dear Miranda

By Miranda Roth

Miranda Roth

I try so hard to make things go perfectly but there are some things that I just can’t control and I need to know how I can better get ahold of things in my life. I’ve currently moved and I’ve planned to meet people but I really haven’t yet. Nothing is going the way I imagined it and I’m concerned that I may have made a really bad choice to move. How can I ease into this better and start getting the things that I planned on?

Control is something mythical, isn’t it? We can never really obtain it. Sure, there are certain things in your life you can control, but even those things have their limits. For example, your car: You can make it go the speed you want it to, the direction you steer it, even the music you play in it.

But what happens when the wheel pops, or the stereo blows? Of course you can keep up on filling your tires and making sure that they are new every 50,000 miles, but can you control that man who didn’t secure his bucket of nails to his truck very well? Nope, you can’t, and now the nails have slipped off and your poor tires don’t have a chance.

Control is limited; it’s a myth we spend our lives chasing just to find out that the beautiful creature we call control is something make-believe and made to destroy our lives.

Control says that we have everything going the way we planned because we looked into every nook and cranny before making a choice to move.

However, what happens when the interviewer asks you a question you never thought an interviewer would ask? Or your new home is shared with
some critters that don’t help with the rent? You have the perfect date planned and out of nowhere rain hits?

Flexibility is key. Knowing that you can’t control the universe is key. Going with the flow and living in the moment is key. When you learn to do this, your life actually becomes a lot easier and even more enjoyable to live.

When you lose control, you prevent yourself from experiencing the here and now. Instead of spending time planning and stressing over the small details, you free yourself of worry and anxiety.

Take one day off and plan nothing, then drive somewhere you’ve never been and explore the unknown. Work on your improvisation for when things pop-up unannounced. Build the boat, but then let go and ride the waves and navigate as needed.