Protest reactions

Morgan Hummel

Last week, students on college campuses nationwide carried empty holsters in support of the concealed carry movement. The Empty Holster Protest, as it has come to be called by Students for Concealed Carry (SCC), was a success, catching a few snags along the way.

Matt Mansell of the new organization Zips for Concealed Carry said, “The most successful part about the protest were the questions that arose. For the most part, the comments I got were from people who recognized it as a holster, and only a few from the people who questioned what it was.”

Participants in the protest were surprised by the few reactions they received by carrying their empty holsters.

“I find it interesting most of the people who were “anti-gun” didn’t even notice a holster I was carrying openly, let alone would they be able to see one concealed,” Mansell said.

Mansell adds that he did experience some disappointment.

“The participants in the protest were few and far between and didn’t quite take the campus by storm as I would have hoped,” he said.

He also describes the challenges faced by having the opportunity to table in UA’s Student Union, like not being allowed to stand in front of the table to pass out flyers. Mansell said this affected his intentions of conducting “man on the street” type interviews.

Despite the smaller than anticipated turnout, Mansell has big plans for Zips for Concealed Carry.

“I plan to expand the organization as much as possible in the future. I hope to make our presence known on campus.”