Young, in love and ready to get married

By John Sulik

There is a growing trend nowadays with the amount of couples getting married right out of high school. People are planning for marriage without careers, without finishing their college education and sometimes before even finishing high school.


Marriage is supposed to be a sacred commitment that lasts longer than a lifetime and people who are still very young are already making the jump. They assume that as soon as they become 18, they are adults and can make huge, important decisions in their lives. However, that is not true.Print

The age range of adulthood has progressed into later years in the modern generation. Attending college has become the norm for young people,  completely eradicating the old preference of moving straight into adulthood right after high school. Becoming an adult takes much more time than it used to, yet people believe they are fully prepared for some of life’s biggest decisions.

Marriage rates in America are at record highs every year, and are also coupled with record-high divorce rates. There are just as many people getting married everyday as there are people getting divorced. With a handful of exceptions every now and then, most commonplace young marriages never last longer then a few years and more times than not, focus on aspects other than true love. This new age trend is coupled with teenage pregnancy as well as numerous military marriages used
for couples trying to stay together.

People use marriage simply to avoid conflict and use it as a solution for long-distance relationships. This idea completely destroys the entire purpose of marriage. The value and sincerity of marriage is lost without anyone blinking an eye. Maybe people should actually start considering what love and marriage is before they consider buying a shiny ring.