Police seek Sumner Fest evidence

By Katelyn Freil, News Editor

As partygoers celebrated the last weekend of summer, police responded to riots at the 400 block of Sumner Street around midnight Saturday, where the partiers had trashed and flipped a parked car.

The party, known by many University of Akron students as Sumner Fest, was broken up by police officers. The police were hit by beer bottles and cans upon arrival. Police eventually used tear gas on the partiers.

Police reported that items were being thrown at parked cars in the streets and people eventually flipped one car. The police said the party had dispersed by 2 a.m.

Denine Rocco, The University of Akron’s dean of students, said in a special ZipMail regarding the event that UA is working closely with the police department to investigate.

“If it is determined that UA students were involved, they will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs and a hearing will be held to decide whether violations of the Code of Student Conduct occurred,” she said.

A video of partiers destroying and flipping Gabrielle Lewis’s car was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday and has already received over 12,000 views. A fund on gofundme.com has also been started to raise money for a new car for Lewis, as insurance will not cover the damage.

Police are encouraging students who have images or video or have any information regarding the incident to contact the police. Submit photos and video to the police at [email protected].