Functional Flashnotes

Which category do you fall into: the student who attends every class and fastidiously takes notes, or the student who just can’t seem to stop hitting the snooze button and actually needs the notes? could be a website worth visiting to benefit either type of student.

Established by Michael Matousek, a graduate of Kent State University, serves as the Amazon or eBay for class notes. Students upload their material from class for free, set their own price, email their classmates and wait for the cash to start coming in. Students who missed class and need the material they missed can visit the site and literally pay for their absence, and diligent note-takers reap the benefits.

Check out and consider joining. A website like this is beneficial for numerous reasons. It serves as a source of extra cash for generally broke college students, as well as a resource for people who miss class and need to keep up.

Students who need the extra money have a worthwhile opportunity through Taking a moment after class to upload your notes is not a time-consuming task, and it results in an 80 percent profit to the note-taker. This means you can essentially get paid for work that you are already doing. Think of it this way: we pay thousands of dollars to sit in class and take notes. can pay some of that back, page by page.

If you find yourself constantly late, or you miss class frequently, is a benefit to you as well. Some teachers don’t have attendance policies, and that makes it really easy to take a nap instead of going to class. If you’re absent for any reason, you can visit the website and look up what you’ve missed for around the same price as a meal at McDonald’s.

As more students join, more material will be available for a greater variety of classes. Visit today and get paid for your otherwise profitless hard work!