Fight the Flu

The shots are limited in quantity and cost $15. The shots will be administered at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Room 246. No insurance plans will be accepted. Students are directed to wear short sleeve tops to help with the efficiency of the operation.

I would estimate that historically, students account for 10 percent to 20 percent of seasonal flu vaccine clinic participants, which usually numbers around 240, said Diane Fashinpaur, MSN [Master of Science in Nursing], CRNP [Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner] and Director of Student Health Services. So far this year, 120 individuals have indicated they intend to receive [the] vaccine.

Prior to receiving the shot, students are asked to go to Room 260, where there will be an informational packet and payment will be authorized.

Offering flu vaccine to students, faculty and staff is a health promotion/illness prevention measure, said Fashinpaur. Individuals with the flu can typically expect to feel quite ill for an average of five days. Thus, individuals ill with influenza will spend considerable time away from classes and/or work. Prevention of an illness is the best medicine.

Prior to receiving the vaccine, interested students can send an email to Patty Asbury at [email protected] with the subject line, Want Flu Shot.